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I was born just north of San Francisco in Marin County, California. Being the nerdy, gaming, cartoon-loving kid I was (and still am), I knew I wanted to be involved in some way. Not only was it fun for me to imitate the voices of the characters from my favorite shows (Animaniacs, Looney Tunes, and Thomas and Friends, among others), but people around me enjoyed it, too.  


After a summer Shakespeare camp in fourth grade, I learned what acting was, and that I loved it! I kept acting as much as I could after that; From contemporary plays to classics, in schools to summer camps. Fast-forward to my senior year at Redwood Highschool, when I learned what voice acting was thanks to a video I found on a very young YouTube. It featured an interview with Nathan Lane regarding his work on The Lion King, in which he said: “In order to be a good voice actor, you must first know how to act.” This is when it "clicked" for the first time. I kept acting in plays, both on campus and in off-campus community theaters while attending UC Santa Cruz. This is also where I was first exposed to acting for the camera, acting/broadcasting for radio and, serendipitously, where I got my first voice acting job as two characters in a game design student's video game. After graduating, an additional year in Santa Cruz, and a year back in Marin, one thing became clear; If I was going to do this thing, I had to move to Los Angeles.  I made that move in 2014, and am so glad I did.


Since arriving in LA, I’ve had the opportunity to lend my skills to films and plays that made it into the 2015 Gwinnett Center International Film Festival, the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival, and the 2019 Short + Sweet Festival.  As a Voice Actor, I've been able to lend my skills to a variety of audiobooks, audio dramas, animated works, and video games, having just been nominated for a 2019 Audioverse award!  It's been an incredible ride, but I still truly believe that the best is yet to come.


WORk & Resume

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“‘Astonishing versatility’ is how I’d describe Grant as a voice actor.  I initially hired him to play the role of a treacherous villain for a show, and quickly discovered in him an incredible range of voices and emotional expression.  With his strong work ethic, dedication to the characters he takes on, remarkable turnaround time, and openness to feedback, Grant is an absolute dream to work with. He has become one of my to go-to voices and I always receive many compliments about his performances.  I’ve hired him to play a plethora of characters across various media projects including video games, audiobooks and podcasts. I do not believe a role exists that Grant cannot master.  He comes with my highest of recommendations.”

Persephone Rose/Executive Producer/Postal Roach

"In the short time we've worked with Grant, we've grown to appreciate his talent and work ethic immensely.  He's always willing to go the extra mile (extra ten miles!) to get the very best audio. I can 100% recommend his voice talents for your production"

Luke Kondor/Writer, Co-Owner/The Other Stories Podcast

"Thanks so much for your outstanding work on Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown! Your ability to turn around the book in record time to meet our rush deadline was awesome, especially given the high-quality of your performance. And thanks as well for doing it all with a smile, too-- I wish all narrators were as pleasant and reliable as you are! Because of the timeliness of the release, our students were able to read it right as the print version was coming out.. and it shot to #3 on our download list for the year after only one week! You're a true professional... who rocks!"

Alexis Bourbeau/Director of Audiobook Quality/LearningAlly

"Grant Patrizio was a pleasure to work with.  During the final stages of production for our project, we lost one of our voice actors and reached out to Grant in the hopes that he would be able to fill the role. He was able to redirect quickly when given feedback and got the lines to us in record time!"

Vanessa Chinshue/Executive Producer/TerminalMontage LLC


If you'd like to work with me on an upcoming project or have any questions, please ask! Send me an email or reach out to me on my socials.  Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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